How to Organize Reporting Channels in Reporting Groups

Organizing Reporting Channels in a Reporting Group lets you decide the order of the channels and helps you define how your audience will see the channel content in the group. 

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

To organize the Reporting Channels in a Reporting Group: 

  1. Go to your Reporting Inbox
  2. Navigate to the Reporting Framework tab
  3. Click on the Reporting Channel Group where you want to organize the content
  4. Find the channel you want to move
  5. Click on the Drag & Drop Icon in the top right corner of the channel card
  6. Put the channel cards in the order that will best suit your audience

The order of the channels will be immediately updated and reflected in your audience’s view of the Reporting Group.


Insider Tips: 

  • Only internal experts with special platform permission can edit Reporting Frameworks
  • You can only edit Reporting Frameworks if your platform has been configured to include the Reporting module

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