The Difference Between an Overview Page and a Reporting Group

Overview Pages and Reporting Channel Groups in Reporting Frameworks have unique characteristics that contribute to the overall functionality and usefulness of your system’s Reporting module. 

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Understanding and Using the Overview Page 

When Reporting content is accessed by your user community, they access the content via the Reporting app, rather than via the administrative area and the Overview Page is their entrance into the reporting environment in their platform.  

The Overview provides them with a visual overview of the various reporting areas where they can find reporting data. It allows them to search for reporting content without leaving their reporting area.

When searching from the Overview Page, users have access to the same filters as in Search but do not need to navigate between different search tabs or between search views.

It is also possible to search by theme from the Report Overview by clicking on tiles that are defined in the Reporting Framework area of the Distribute Reports Inbox by platform administrators.

The tiles are links to Reporting Channels or Reporting Channel Groups.  

An Overview Page is not required for users to access Reporting Channel Groups or Reporting Channels.

Understanding and Using Reporting Channel Groups 

Reporting Channels within your platform serve to create a space where reporting data from reporting sources – either internal or external – can be grouped by topic or theme. When these channels are grouped together, they become Reporting Channel Groups. A Reporting Channel Group must be created for the channel content to be visible to the wider user community.

The Reporting Channel Groups provide a holistic overview of a concept or trend by coupling several types of reports and then by theme.  

Once Reporting Channel Groups are created, they can be added to the Overview Page, or they can be used in a standalone format.  

Accessing Report Overview Pages and Reporting Channel Groups 

Users can access a Report Overview by using their platform navigation dropdown menu, selecting the report area, and clicking on the title of the overview. This will bring them to a visual overview of the different Reporting Channel Groups in button format. Clicking on any of the buttons will bring them to that Reporting Channel Group where they can view the content for a specific topic like brand trends or competitor intelligence.

The Reporting Channel Groups will also be nested under the Report Overview page in the navigation dropdown menu for the Reporting area.

Reporting Channel Groups can be added to the Reporting Framework with or without a Reporting Overview page. If no Overview Page is created, they can access the groups reporting area by their Reporting dropdown menu or via the search bar in their Reporting area.

The wide variety of options allows users to access the content using buttons, the search feature within the Reporting area, their Reporting.




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