How to Keep Expert Channels Current and Relevant for Users

Keeping your Expert Channels up to date and focused on the most current insights and knowledge in your area of expertise encourages platform engagement, disseminates key learnings and findings, and elevates the user experience. 

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

To keep Expert Channels up to date: 




Have one or more owners for the Expert Channel

Distributes curation responsibilities and ensures that updated content can be added regardless of team changes or busy schedules


Set a schedule to define when Expert Channel content is updated

Ensures that time is already set aside for updates so administrative tasks will not be overlooked



Collaborate with other teams to identify and push collaborative findings

Creates an environment of information and knowledge sharing



Utilize the platform to promote and share relevant, unique, or useful findings  

Helps to integrate your platform into daily work routines and processes



Join training sessions and share onboarding materials with team members

Provides the team with the tools they need to manage Expert Channels





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