How to Edit Quick Links

Editing a Quick Link allows you to make any necessary changes to existing links so that the content is always up to date. 

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

To edit a Quick Link: 

  1. Go to your Announce on Home Inbox - typically found in your "Activities" dropdown
  2. Navigate to the Quick Links tab 
  3. Select and click on the Quick Link Channel you wish to edit 

You will see a list of all the links within the channel in the next view. 

  1. Click on the Three Dot Icon to the left of the title of the link you wish to edit 

A dropdown will appear. 

  1. Select “Edit” 

A new window will pop up where you can edit the channel. 

  1. Update the image, title, or link 
  2. Click the “Done” button in the top right corner of the Edit Link window 

Your edits will automatically save and be immediately applied to your Quick Links Channel. 

Insider Tips: 

  • Only internal experts with special platform permissions can delete Quick Links Channels 
  • All channel owners can update the channel links 
  • Be aware of the required access permissions for linked resources 


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