How to Upload a Report Wave

Uploading a new Report Wave lets you share updated reporting data and make the content public to your team or target audience. 

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

FYI - You might know Reports by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To upload a Report Wave: 

  1. Go to the Uploader
  2. Click Advanced Upload
  3. Select Report

A list of reports where you have rights to upload content will be displayed.

  1. Choose the report where you want to add your report wave

Once you select the report, you will be automatically taken to a new view where you can add or review key report information for report classification. If you are adding a new report wave, you most likely don’t need to update any of the classification information. However, you can still review the information for accuracy.

  1. Click the Next button

In the next screen, you will be prompted to upload the report.

  1. Click anywhere in the gray drop zone
  1. Choose your file
  2. Click the Upload button

The files will begin uploading and become visible in the download history area.

  1. Find the row with your report file
  2. Click on the Continue button under the Actions column

You will be directed to the Report Wave within the Report Container where you can do a final review of the uploaded content and the classification information.

  1. Add a description of the report
  2. Upload a thumbnail image – this is what will be visible to users in Search or the Reporting area
  3. Confirm that all the data and title information is right
  4. Click the Publish button in the top right corner of the Report Container

A new window will pop up where you can decide who will receive a notification when the Report Wave is published. You can also enter a personalized message.

  1. Toggle the Exclude Subscribers button to avoid notifying the report subscribers – not recommended
  2. Toggle the Exclude Report Contacts if other owners of the report should not receive a notification that the report has been published
  3. Click anywhere in the Additional Recipients field to notify other platform users  
  4. Start typing in a username or user group

A list of options will be displayed in the dropdown.

  1. Select one or more users from the dropdown
  2. Edit the message, if desired
  3. Click the Publish button

Your report wave will be immediately published, and you will be taken to the published view of the Report Wave where you can view the Report Overview, see other Report Waves, and see how your container looks to your target audience.

Insider Tips: 

  • It is only possible to upload Report Waves via the Advanced Uploader
  • Team Contacts can upload and publish new Report Waves
  • Suppliers can only publish new waves if the Supplier Publication tab is toggled in the Other Properties section of the Report Overview
  • You can only upload Report Waves if your platform is configured with the Reporting module

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