How to Review the Tags and Classification of an Uploaded Document

Reviewing the tags and classification for your uploaded document improves its searchability and helps your colleagues to find your uploaded document. 

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To review the tags and classification for an uploaded document: 

  1. Go to your document – either via Search or via your upload history
  2. Click on the Information Icon image-0.png in the top right corner of the document view

The information panel will appear to the right of your document view.

  1. Look for several dropdowns with classification areas, e.g. brand, category, and region
  2. Click on any of the dropdown menus to display a list of possible options
  3. Select one or more values from the dropdown(s)
  4. Click the X to remove any unwanted values
  5. Once you are happy with your updates, click the Information Icon image-0.png again

The information panel will close, and your updates will be automatically saved. Any changes will be immediately applied, and users will be able to use the categories you selected to find the document in Search.


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