How to Display Content Cards as Images in Knowledge Zones

Displaying content cards as images in Knowledge Zones allows you to decide how the card will be displayed to your colleagues.  

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FYI - You might know Knowledge Zones by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To display content cards as images in your Knowledge Zones: 

  1. Open a new or existing Knowledge Zone
  2. Navigate to or create a section in the Standard Layout where you want the cards to be displayed as images
  3. Click the Gear Icon gear icon.pngin the top right corner of the section
  4. Find the “General” section
  5. Click on the Dropdown Icon
  6. Toggle “Display Card as Images” on

You can then update the thumbnail images for the different content cards.

  1. Find a card where you want to change the image
  2. Click on the Edit Icon in the top right corner of the card

A new view will open where you can edit the thumbnail and description on the card.

  1. Click on the Plus Sign in the gray drop zone

A file selector will open.

  1. Choose your file
  2. Click the Check Mark Icon to save your changes

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