How to Add a Library Board to a Project

Adding a Library Board to a project lets you share key intelligence data as part of the project results. 

To add a Library Board to a project: 

  1. Go to the project where you want to add a Library Board 
  2. Move to the Results tab 
  3. Scroll to the “Library” section – this will have a different title based on how your company calls libraries 
  4. Click the Plus Sign in the gray drop zone 
  5. Select the library board you want to add 

The board will be immediately added to the project where all team members can view the content. 

Insider Tips: 

  • Adding Library Boards in a project is only possible if your platform is configured for research management and the project type has been designed to include Library items 
  • Library Boards can only be created on platforms where this configuration has been requested 

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