How to Use Knowledge Injection to Search for Existing Knowledge

Knowledge Injection lets you search for existing knowledge that you can include in your project brief, help to refine your project scope, and avoid duplicating existing research. 

To use Knowledge Injection to search for existing knowledge: 

  1. Navigate to the research project where you want to inject knowledge 
  2. Fill out key context information in the project brief 
  3. Click on the Idea Icon at the top of the project view 

The Knowledge Injection panel will open to the right of the main project view. It will automatically display existing research with a similar project setup. 

  1. Click on any of the results to view existing knowledge 

You will be able to view existing content and include it in your project, decide to refocus your project objectives. 

Insider Tip: 

  • Knowledge Injection is a tool available only on platforms that have been configured for research management 


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