How to Edit Tasks and Milestones in Research Projects

Editing tasks and milestones in Research Projects allows the team to easily refine project details, ensuring flexibility and accuracy.

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

This article is about actively managed research projects and studies.

FYI - You might know Research Projects by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To edit tasks and milestones in your Research Project:

  1. Navigate to Conduct Research
  2. Open the project where you want to assign a task
  3. Scroll to the Tasks & Milestones section of the project
  4. Choose the task or a milestone you want to edit
  5. Click on this task or milestone
  6. Make necessary changes in the window that appears
  7. Click “Done“

Your task or milestone will automatically update and appear in the table within your project.

Alternatively, you can click on the Three-Dot icon next to the chosen task or milestone, and select “Edit“ from the dropdown list.


Insider Tips: 

  • To edit a project Task or Milestone, the user needs to be either a Team Lead or a Team Member

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