How to Create Milestones in Research Projects

Creating Milestones in Research Projects helps the team to enhance project planning, establish key project objectives, and align on a project timeline.

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

This article is about actively managed research projects and studies.

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To create Milestones in your Research Project:

  1. Navigate to Conduct Research
  2. Open the project where you want to create a milestone
  3. Scroll to the Tasks & Milestones section of the project
  4. Click “Add New“ button or a Plus icon
  5. From the Type dropdown, select Milestone
  6. Enter a title for the Milestone in the “Title“ field
  7. Enter start date, due date, or duration
  8. Click “Done“

The Milestone will appear in the table within your project.

  1. Click on the space under “Responsible“ column if it is available
  2. Start typing a name of the team members
  3. Select the name of the assignee from the dropdown


Insider Tips: 

  • To create a project Milestone, the user needs to be either a Team Lead or a Team Member
  • Start and Due date selection will depend on the configuration set by Admin
  • The columns and their order will depend on the configuration set by Admin

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