How to Upload a Stimulus to a Research Project

Uploading a stimulus to a research project informs all team members which items have been used to evoke a reaction from participants or respondents in a study. 

FYI - This article is intended for users who actively manage research projects in their system.

To upload a stimulus to a research project: 

  1. Go to the project where you want to add a Library Board 
  2. Move to the Design tab 
  3. Scroll to the "Stimulus" section 
  4. Click the Plus Sign in the gray drop zone 
  5. Select where you want to upload the stimulus from 
  6. Add the stimulus 

The content will be immediately uploaded and visible to all team members. 

Insider Tips: 

  • Adding a stimulus in a project is only possible if your platform is configured for research management and the project type has been designed to include a “Stimulus” field 
  • The project needs to be republished for the stimulus to be visible to your target audience 




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