How to Link Images in Knowledge Zones

Linking images in a Knowledge Zone makes it more interactive and easier to navigate for viewers, allowing one-click access to different pages as well as external sources. 

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FYI - You might know Knowledge Zones by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To link images in a Knowledge Zone: 

  1. Open a new or existing Knowledge Zone 
  2. Navigate to the section where you want to link an image 
  3. Find or upload a new image 
  4. Click the red Link Icon in the top right corner of the image 

You will then be prompted to choose where you want to link the image. You can link to another page in your Knowledge Zone, to a URL, or to an email address. 

  1. Select where you want to link the image by clicking on it 
  2. Enter or select the page name, URL, or email address 
  3. Type in a tooltip for the page, as needed 
  4. Click “Done” 

Once you have linked an image, the Link Icon will turn green, indicating that the link is active.  

Insider Tips: 

  • Try previewing your Knowledge Zone and clicking the links to test them out 
  • The Visual Layout is the best layout option for linking images 

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