How to Invite Team Members to a Knowledge Zone

Inviting team members to collaborate on your Knowledge Zone means you can benefit from their expert contributions, encourages collaboration, and lets you decide which areas of the Zone you want them to access.

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

FYI - You might know Knowledge Zones by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To invite a colleague to your Knowledge Zone: 

  1. From your Knowledge Zone click on the Configuration icon Capture.JPG above the header

A configuration panel will appear on the left-hand side of your screen. 

  1. Find the “Team” section
  2. Click on the grey plus sign

A new window will pop up where you can select the team member and their permissions.

  1. Click inside the “User” field to type the name of the user you wish to add

A list of available users will populate when you start typing in the name of the new team member.

  1. Click “Role” to assign a role to your new Team Member

You will have two options:


Gives the user full access to the Knowledge Zone, as well as the ability to add content and publish to your target audience


Gives the user access to pages assigned to them, which they can edit but not publish

  1. If you select Expert, choose the pages to which the user should have access from the “Pages” field

The selected users will receive an automated email notification, as well as a notification in the platform that they have been added to the Knowledge Zone team. They will also have immediate access to the Knowledge Zone based on the role you assign them.

If you wish to remove a team member, click the Trash Can icontrash.png next to the user's name.

Insider Tips: 

  • Having at least two owners democratizes administrative tasks and ensures that work can be continuously reviewed and published
  • Only users with specific permissions can be selected as team members in Knowledge Zones

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