How to Add Content Elements in a Knowledge Zone

Adding content elements to a section in a Knowledge Zone lets you easily structure your sections and add a range of elements to visually enhance your content.

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FYI - You might know Knowledge Zones by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To add a new content element to a Knowledge Zone section: 

  1. Open a new or existing Knowledge Zone
  2. Navigate to the section where you want to add content elements  
  3. Click the Gear Icon  in the top right corner of the section

The Section Settings panel that lets you personalize your Knowledge Zone section will open on the left.

  1. Find the “Pick Elements” section
  2. Click the Dropdown Icon

Four possible options will display.



Allows you to type or paste words, links, and other text-based content


Used to upload pictures or other visual elements in png and jpeg format


Provides the space to add content like documents, projects, or reports


Creates a space to track and announce current and upcoming events, events, or deadlines

  1. Click on the element you want to add or drag and drop it to your section

The element will be automatically added to your section. You can upload content or rearrange your elements.


Insider Tips: 

  • Only users with specific permissions can add elements to Knowledge Zones
  • The type of section affects which elements you can add:

Standard Layout:

All elements are available

Flow Layout

Only card elements can be used

Visual Element

Text, image, and calendar elements are selectable

  • Card elements allow you to upload images, documents, and videos, as well as embed external content like video links and dashboards
  • Only text items can be added to text elements
  • Only images can be added to image elements


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