How to Embed External Content in a Report Container

Embedding external content in a Report allows you to include all relevant reporting data in a central space that your colleagues can easily access. 

To embed external content in a Report: 

  1. Navigate to the Report Container where you want to publish a new Report
  2. Click on the Plus Sign Icon at the top of the right-hand report panel

A new Report Wave will be created.

  1. Find Documents and Links section
  2. Click in the center of the gray drop zone to add content

A dropdown menu will appear where you can select the type of content you want to add.

  1. Select Embed Link

A new window will pop up where you can enter key information about the link.

  1. Give your link a descriptive title
  2. Select the type of link from the "Link" dropdown menu
  3. Paste or type in the link address
  4. Enter a concise and informative description
  5. Upload a thumbnail image
  6. Click the Add button in the top right corner of the window

The content will be embedded in the report wave once it is published. You can continue to add content to the Report Wave before publishing.


How to include agile dashboards in report containers.gif

Insider Tips: 

  • If content from a password-protected site is embedded users will need to either log into the system with their password or access the content via an SSO connection
  • You can only add reporting content if your platform has been configured to include the Reporting module

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