How to Copy a Project in Your Project Inbox

Copying a project in your Project Inbox saves you both time and effort by allowing you to duplicate and transfer relevant and valuable project content to a new project. Project duplication also allows you to easily start and work on multiple projects with similar scoping details at the same time. 

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FYI - You might know Project Inbox by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To copy a project in your Project Inbox:

  1. Go to your Project Inbox
  2. Find the project you want to copy – either by using the search feature in the top right-hand corner of your Project Inbox or by scrolling through the pages of the Inbox using the scrolling arrows in the bottom right-hand corner
  3. Click on the Three-dot Icon on the left-hand side of the project record
  4. Select "Copy"

A duplicated copy of your project will be created with the title Copy of “Your Project Name…” and will be the top entry in your Project Inbox.

All relevant content will be duplicated – from the title to the context to the attachments – but the Start Date will be updated to the date when the project was copied.

You can immediately begin working on the new project.

How to copy a research project.gif

Insider Tips: 

  • It is always helpful to assign your project a unique name – even if the content is identical  
  • The new start date will always be automatically defined as the date when you copied the project – if your project started on another date, you can change the start date in the Brief tab of your project

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