How to Search for a Project in Your Project Inbox

Searching for a project in your Project Inbox saves you time and effort and helps you to find the project that you are looking for with just a few simple steps.

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FYI - You might know Project Inbox by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

To search for a Project in your Conduct Research Inbox:

  1. Go to your Project Inbox
  2. Click on the Search Icon   in the top left corner of the Project Inbox
  3. Type in the name of your project
  4. Press Enter

Your results will be automatically displayed.

How to search for a project in your project inbox.gif

Insider Tips:

  • If you don’t know the exact name of your project or are looking for multiple projects with similar titles, you can search using keywords or partial titles
  • You can also use filters to refine your search


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