How to Add Expert News Posts to Curated Newsletters

Adding Expert News Posts to a Curated Newsletter connects your target audience with focused news content. 

To add an Expert News Post to a Curated Newsletter: 

  1. Go to your Deliver News inbox 
  2. Move to the Newsletter tab 
  3. Find and click on the newsletter you want to stylize 
  4. Stay in the Content tab 

This is the workspace where you will be able to see the overall structure of your newsletter and add content. 

  1. Scroll to the section where you want to add an Expert News Post 
  2. Click on the Plus Sign to the right of the section title 

A new window will open where you will enter key post information. 

  1. Give your post a descriptive title 
  2. Add a date for the byline 
  3. Input the text and images for your news post 
  4. Enter a URL to an external source, if desired 
  5. Select one or more Feeds or channels to add 
  6. Click on “Add More Details” 
  7. Add a country, brand, and/or group 
  8. Click the "Done" button done in the top right corner of the window 

The post will be immediately added to your Curated Newsletter. 


Deliver News - Newsletters_How to add an Expert News Post to a Curated Newsletter.gif

Insider Tips:

  • Be sure to test your Curated Newsletter before activating it so you know how it will look to your target audience 
  • Only internal experts with special platform permissions can edit Curated Newsletters 


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