How to Format and Stylize a Curated Newsletter

Formatting and stylizing curated newsletters professionalizes your content delivery and helps you to align with internal style guidelines. 

To format and stylize a curated newsletter: 

  1. Go to your Deliver News inbox 
  2. Move to the Newsletter tab 
  3. Find and click on the newsletter you want to stylize 
  4. Navigate to the Builder tab 

This is the workspace where you will be able to upload images and personalize key newsletter information. 

  1. Enter a concise and descriptive subject line – this is what your target audience will see when the newsletter is delivered to their inbox 
  2. Click on the center of the gray header image dropzone 

You will have two options to add an image – via an upload or via a link to a public image. 

  1. Select your image source by clicking on it 

If you opt to upload an image, a file picker will open. If you are adding an image via link, a small window will open where you can paste the link. 

  1. Choose an image or paste a link 
  2. Enter header text – this is the text that will be at the top of the newsletter 
  3. Upload a footer image by following steps 6-8 for the “Footer Image” field 
  4. Enter footer text – this is the text that will display at the bottom of the newsletter 
  5. Add sections i.e., Feeds, to your newsletter by clicking the “Add Section” button and selecting one or more available options 
  6. Define the number of items per section by entering a number in the “Maximum Items per Section” field 
  7. Update the content display settings by updating the teaser text length, removing the truncate option, or by opting to include tags 
  8. Upload a newsletter template, if desired – it is recommended to use the standard template 
  9. Add a section divider image by following steps 6-8 for the “Section Divider Image” 
  10. Click the “Apply” button in the top right corner of the screen 

Your updates will immediately save and will be reflected when the next newsletter is sent to your target audience.  


Deliver News - Newsletters_How to format and stylize a curated newsletter.gif

Insider Tips: 

  • Be sure to test your Curated Newsletter before activating it so you know how it will look to your target audience 
  • Newsletters are inactive by default so they can be curated before beginning delivery 
  • Only internal experts with special platform permissions can edit Curated Newsletters 

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