How to Publish Posts in a Shareable News Feed

Publishing posts in a Shareable News Feed makes the content available to users who are subscribed to the Feed and allows you to promote the post to your target audience. 

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To publish posts to Shareable News Feed: 

  1. Go to your Deliver News Inbox
  2. Stay in the Feeds tab
  3. Click on the Feed you want to review

You will see a list of posts to review.

  1. Click the Checkmark Icon to the right of the post you want to publish

The published posts will be automatically added to the Feed and will be visible to all users who subscribe to the Feed.

Unpublish posts by moving to the “Published” tab of the feed review and clicking on the X Icon next the post.


Deliver Feeds_How to Publish Posts in a Shareable News Feed.gif


Insider Tip: 

  • Only internal experts with special platform permissions can publish Shareable News Feeds


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