How to Add Content to the Favorites Notebook Collection

Saving content to your Favorites Notebook collection is an easy way to save the insights that you find most interesting and helpful in your work. 

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You have a few options to save content to your Favorites collection.

Add content from Search, your Homepage, a project, or a Document preview using the Three Dot icon : 

  1. Locate the content you want to save to your collection
  2. Find and click on the Three Dot icon
  3. Select the option "Add to"
  4. Choose "Notebook"
  5. Select "Favorites"

Your content will be automatically saved to your Favorites, where you can revisit it and reuse it whenever you need it.


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Add content using your Notebook shortcut: 

  1. Find your Notebook button in the top right-hand corner of your screen
  2. Click on the Expand icon  Icon

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  3. Select "Favorites"
  4. Drag and drop content cards directly into your Favorites Collection

The content you select will automatically save, and you will be able to sort, share, and access it at any time.  

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Add content from within your Notebook by dragging and dropping: 

  1. Open your Notebook
  2. Go to a reading list or another collection
  3. Drag and drop your content to Favorites in the left-hand Notebook panel

Your content will automatically save, and you will be able to revisit it at your convenience.

Insider Tip: 

  • Your "Favorites" Notebook Collection is automatically created for you – no need to create a new collection


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