The Difference Between Desk Research and Knowledge Zones

Knowledge Zones and Desk Research are two powerful tools that help you to curate insights that help your colleagues to effectively do their work and address business problems.

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

Each has a unique use case that supports different business needs.

If you are regularly asked certain questions by different users, consider using Desk Research to document your answers along with the associated materials and share the content publicly. If your topic or question has multiple sub-topics or areas of consideration, a Knowledge Zone may be a better fit. 

To further understand the difference between the two tools, consider the following: 



Desk Research

Knowledge Zones

What is it for?

Answering a specific business question

Curating insights and knowledge about a specific topic, strategy, initiative, brand, etc.

What is it?

A collection of documents, videos, and other content that is complemented by individual knowledge

A micro-site that includes nestable pages, various sections, and links. The overall structure is setup using a navigation bar.  

Can you collaborate?


Yes - you can add team members, owners, and work with experts to promote content

How will users see content?

Via search or via publication and sharing

Content is pushed via Knowledge Channels, included in Search, and is part of the Knowledge Library/Strategic Knowledge area

What is the lifecycle?

Short to medium – expected to answer a single business question

Medium to long – content is regularly updated. Versioning is possible and content can be adapted based on evolving business needs.

What is an example?

“What do we about Gen-Z coffee drinking trends?” or “How has Working from Home influenced Millennial Shopping?”

“Covid-19 Impacts”, “Trends in East Asia”, or “An Overview of Brand XYZ”

How do I use it?

Check out these articles for more information

Check out these articles for more information


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