Get to Know Your Research Management Tools

The Research module enables you and your team to plan and execute classic and DIY research projects and multi-phase studies to improve collaboration, reduce resource waste, and enable fast project turnaround.

Your Research module has eight key features:

Budget - Allocate Budget 

Allocating the budget allows you to assign funding to each of the unique funding units that are a part of your organization. You can also create new cost centers or funding units, as well as control the owners and viewers of the funding units.

Budget - Track Continuous Expenses  

Tracking continuous expenses provides an overview of all recurring indirect research costs like licenses and contract fees paid to syndicated (secondary) research sources so they are accounted for in the overall budget.  

Budget - Tracking Project Expenses 

Tracking project expenses provides an overview of all the costs related to a specific project. The overview enables a holistic understanding of how project funding is being allocated and utilized, as well as tracks the status of all the research projects.  

Research Management 

Research Management is a tool to collaboratively manage and execute the research process from start to finish, including planning budgets, requesting approvals, collaborating with suppliers, and publishing projects and results in Search for instant accessibility and re-use. It allows you to plan, track, and execute research projects using standardized best practices and a centralized vendor management system.  

Research Project Inbox (Conduct Research) 

Your Research Project Inbox is a centralized space that houses and tracks all your research project activity. You can sort, filter, and export your project records, as well as track and update your project’s status.

Research Request 

Research requests help to determine whether research that answers a business question has already been conducted or if a new research project needs to be commissioned. These requests take the form of a mini brief you can use to ask one or more research questions. Your request is shared with a researcher who can either share existing knowledge or start a new research project.

Project Upload 

Project Upload allows you to create a project quickly and easily by uploading the project documents. When you upload key project documents, the platform automatically creates a project container that you can use to tag and insert key information before you publish it to Search.  

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