Get Acquainted with Storytelling Resources

The Storytelling module helps you curate, promote, or consume valuable knowledge as well as advise your business on relevant topics and themes like categories, brands, and strategic topics.  

 Your Storytelling module has four key features:

Curate Knowledge 

Knowledge Zones are collaborative microsites in easy-to-use online magazine format that enable self-service curation and promotion of strategic topics and themes by internal specialists and subject matter experts. You can explore your company’s catalog of Knowledge Zones in Search or in your Knowledge Inbox.  

Internal experts can easily create and promote Knowledge Zone content using helpful design templates, outlines, and a practical drag and drop feature to add internal and external content. The final product is easy to publish, share, and promote.  

Desk Research 

Desk Research allows you to quickly and easily find, collect, and share content to answer a specific business question. Activities within Desk Research are short-term and designed to fulfill an immediate need that will help you or your team to finish a specific job or task.  

Knowledge Inbox 

Your Knowledge Inbox is a centralized space where you can manage, search for, sort, and access any Knowledge Zones that you are a part of or that have been published for you.  

Knowledge Channels 

Knowledge Channels are thematic collections of expert-curated Knowledge Zones that cover a specific aspect of your company’s knowledge framework.  







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