How to Set Up My Alerts

My Alerts allow you to define and save your favorite search criteria and receive an update in your Personal Newsletter whenever content that meets your criteria is published.  

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To configure My Alerts:

  1. Search for a keyword, publication, or topic in Search
  2. Refine your search according to your preferences
  3. Once satisfied with your search criteria, click on the Three Dot Icon kc_three_dot_icon.png
  4. Select "Create Alert"
  5. Access your Profile by clicking on your initials and selecting "Profile"
  6. Go to the "Preferences" tab
  7. Click on the Subscribed Alerts dropdown and select the alerts you want to receive in your Personal Newsletter

New content that matches your alert preferences will be delivered to your email inbox with your Personal Newsletter.


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Insider Tips: 

  • Your Personal Newsletter needs to be configured before you can enable My Alerts
  • You can configure as many search alerts as you want
  • Your saved search criteria include all aspects of your saved search, from the filters to the language and beyond


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