How to Reset Your Password

Resetting your password updates the combination of words, letters, and symbols you use to log in to the platform.

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To reset your password, select one of two options - updating from within the platform or by using the "Forgot My Password" feature.

To reset your password from within the platform:

  1. From within the platform, access your Profile by clicking on your initials and selecting Profile
  2. Go to the Account tab
  3. Enter your old password
  4. Set a new password  
  5. Click "Update"

Your password will be updated and you will now be able to log into your platform using the new password.

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To reset your password using the "Forgot My Password" feature:

  1. Go to the login screen of the platform
  2. Select whether you are an Employee or Supplier (external user)
  3. Select "Forgot My Password"

A reset email will be sent to the email address used to register your account. Follow the instructions included in the email.

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Insider Tip: 

  • If your company uses SSO for platform login, you do not need a system password

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