How to Share Content within a Knowledge Zone

Sharing content from within a Knowledge Zone helps your colleagues save time and effort by enabling you to send targeted content.

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FYI - You might know Knowledge Zones by another name - check out our glossary to find out!

When you share content from within a Knowledge Zone, you have three options for sharing – sharing the whole Knowledge Zone, sharing a page of the Knowledge Zone, and sharing a section.  

To share Knowledge Zone content: 

  1. Go to the Knowledge Zone content you want to share
  2. Click on the Share Icon  in the header
  3. Select the sharing option that best fits your sharing needs – the entire Knowledge Zone, a page, or a section

A new window will pop up where you can select the user(s) or user group(s) who you want to share the content with.

  1. Select the users/groups from the dropdown
  2. Add a message, if desired
  3. Click on Share

The selected users will receive an automatic notification that content has been shared with them and the content will be saved in the Shared with Me section of their Notebook.


Knowledge_How to Share Content within a Knowledge Zone.gif


Alternatively, copy the system-generated link and send via another medium, e.g., email or Teams. The link will only be usable by other users who have access to the platform.


Insider Tip:

  • Sharing is not just for Knowledge Zones – wherever you see the Search Icon in the system, you can share that content with your colleagues


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