How to Navigate Between Search Tabs

Navigating between the different search tabs in your platform lets you browse by content type, and helps you focus your search results.

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To navigate between the different search tabs:

  1. Navigate to Search
  2. Type in a term or phrase you want to look for and press Enter
  3. Switch between the different tabs by clicking on the name of the tabs under the search bar
  4. Switch between the different tabs by clicking on the names of the tabs
  5. Click "More" to display additional tabs

After you click on the tab, your search results will be automatically updated so only the specific content type is visible. Some common content-specific tabs include Research, News, Syndicated Sources, Videos, Libraries, and Knowledge Zones.

Alternatively, click between the tabs to explore the different types of content.  


Insider Tips: 

  • Your first tab will be titled "All Results". You can find a combination of all the different types of content in your platform in this tab.
  • The titles for your search tabs will have unique names based on the internal language - look for terms and branding common to your company.
  • A maximum of four search tabs will be displayed - any additional tabs can be viewed by clicking "More"
  • Clicking “More” will temporarily update the order of your search tabs until your next search

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