How to Use Advanced Search Filters

Advanced filters in search allow you to tailor your search results with more precision, providing more detailed filter options.

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To filter your results:

  1. Go to Search
  2. Navigate to the tab you need
  3. Click on the "Advanced" button on the right side below the search bar to see available Advanced Filter options
  4. Choose the filter you want to use
  5. Click on the dropdown list to see all options
  6. Select a filter by either scrolling through the options or by typing in a specific term
  7. Tick the checkbox next to your selected option

The values you selected will be automatically applied to your results and your filtered results will display immediately.
Your filter selections will be visible as chips under the search bar.
Click "Clear All" in the "Applied Filters" bar to clear your filters or delete each filter individually

Insider Tips:  

  • The filters you see will be dependent on the search tab you are using
  • Not all tabs have Advanced filters
  • It is possible to select several options in each filter

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