How to Collaborate with a Client Partner to Design a Study

Collaborating with your client partner on project design lets you align on relevant study features before starting the project. 

>>> This article is for Suppliers.

To collaborate with your client partner on study design: 

  1. Go to the project where you have been commissioned
  2. Navigate to the Brief tab 
  3. Enter key project information or provide feedback on the content your partner has entered by clicking on the Comment Icon  and entering a message 

Once your team is aligned on the project design, your partner will request approval for the brief. 


Supplier RM_How to Collaborate with a Client Partner to Design a Study.gif


Insider Tips: 

  • Client collaboration is only available on platforms where research management is configured, and you have an active platform account 
  • Reach out to your client partner if you need help with account creation or with platform access 

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