Welcome to the Business User Role

Do you have a pressing business question? Do you need insights about a key demographic? Do you want to search for interesting facts about a competitor's brand? Do you need a way to save and share key findings and documents? 

Welcome to the Business User Role! 

As a Marketer / Business User you transform key research insights into data-driven business decisions and proactive company strategies. Your contributions help your company to be more efficient, adaptive, and successful in an increasingly competitive market. 

Your Market Logic platform allows you to access curated insights, research findings, and competitive intelligence quickly and easily wherever and whenever you need it thanks to several key features. These features include AI-Powered Search, Self-Service News, The Notebook, and an Intelligent Homepage. 

The features you see figured in the platform are configured based on your client partner’s input. Accordingly, your experience with the platform might not have every function that you come across in the Knowledge Center. 

To find, enjoy, and benefit from the activities your platform offers, check out these helpful how-to guides on key focus areas: 

You can also check out an overview of all articles in the Market Logic Knowledge Center. 

If you still have questions, you can also reach out to technical support and they will point you in the right direction! 

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