Welcome to the Researcher Role

Do you actively answer questions for your business colleagues? Do you have active research to manage? Do you have content to upload and share with the broad user community? Do you have consumer insights you want to share with your colleagues? 

Welcome to the Researcher Role! 

As a Researcher / Customer Insights Expert / Consumer Researcher you gather and transform market research into valuable insights that inform data-driven business decisions. You often look at the who, what, when, and where to gain an understanding of why. This robust understanding of key focus areas like attitudes, perceptions, design, and satisfaction empowers you and your team to better meet your consumers' needs.  

Your Market Logic platform helps you to intelligently manage your research and findings using several key features. These features target key activities, including curating insights, managing research projects, analyzing and storing data, capturing intelligence, housing reporting data, and delivering news. 

The features are configured based on your company’s input. Accordingly, your platform might not have every function that you come across in the Knowledge Center. 

To find and understand which activities your platform offers, check out these helpful how-to guides on key focus areas: 

You can also check out an overview of all articles in the Market Logic Knowledge Center. 

If you still have questions, you can also reach out to technical support and they will point you in the right direction! 

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