Welcome to Your Market Logic Platform

Congratulations and welcome to your Market Logic platform - the next generation of insight and knowledge management. You now have access to a centralized tool that simplifies research processes and democratizes access to relevant and up-to-date organizational information. You can search, browse, and save content from personalized news feeds, projects, internal knowledge bases, and reports - regardless of your department, role, or location. You can save time and effort.  

How is it all possible?

It starts with a few key features that you will be able to use from the moment you log onto your platform:

Your Personalized Homepage

Your Homepage is a personalized, responsive, and content-centric entry point to your company’s platform. The content you see is a balance of your personal interests and content pushed by internal experts.

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AI-Powered Search  

Search helps you to find the best answers to your questions across all internal and external sources by using state-of-the-art AI technology. You can search using the Answer View or List View and you can use Filters and the Auto-Summarizer to narrow down your results to easily find the answers you are seeking.

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The Notebook is a personal holding space where you can save any piece of content from the platform to access later. You can organize your Notebook’s content into Collections that can be personalized to suit your preferences. Collections within your Notebook can also be shared with your colleagues - making sharing easier than ever.

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Your Profile is the space where you can personalize and configure your account with your preferences for notifications, language, filters, and more. You can also share contact information, a photo, and any other information that helps your colleagues get to know you.

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