Term Definition Alternative Name(s)
Activities The navigation area you can find and access your platform's features like Conduct Research, Upload, and Curate Knowledge.  
Announcements A carousel or navigation tile used to push key corporate and/or brand announcements to the top of your homepage. Spotlight
Answer View The default search view displays the top 10 search results for your request along with supporting content.  
Captured Project Publishable containers used to upload key project documents from completed research that allow you to define and categorize key project information. Uploaded Project, Project
Content Card Tools used to display the different types of content in a card format.  
Expert Channel Topic-specific Feeds curated by experts and pushed directly to your homepage.  
Knowledge Channel Curated content about specific topics or themes pushed by internal experts to your homepage.  
Knowledge Zone A mini website that allows research experts to provide in-depth information about a specific focus area. Topic Page, Micro-site, Strategic Knowledge, Insight Zone, Insights Hubs, Themes
Library A centralized space that houses categorized data to help identify and analyze trends, as well as collect and organize test results. Competitor Intelligence, Concept Library, Insights
List View A standard search view that allows you to explore content in a list format. The search bar is found at the top center of the screen. Unique search tabs containing content from various sources, e.g., Documents, Industry Reports, or RSS Feeds, are found in different search tabs.  
Managed Project Active research activities where the research process is managed from end-to-end within your platform. An actively managed project allows collaboration among team members and suppliers. Studies, Projects, Market Research, RA Summary, Managed Research Request (MRR), Binders, Research Project
My Knowledge A centralized space where you can view and access all of your Knowledge Zone content.  
News An online newspaper with personal and expert-curated feeds Content Feeds
Notebook Used to save and share interesting content.  
Project Inbox A space that houses key project data and allows you to create new projects. Research Project Inbox, Capture Research, Capture Research Inbox, Conduct Research Inbox
Quick Links A curated list of links that take you directly to important and commonly used internal or external resources.  
Reports One or more documents that provide factual business information Waves, Container
Standard Layout The default section format in Knowledge Zones that contains three content cards and one text box.  
Suppliers External partners who provide key primary research data. Agencies, Agency Partners, Research Partners, Research Agencies
Widget An external dashboard embedded in your platform, e.g. Tableau or Statista. Dashboards, Agile Dashboard

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