How to Submit a Research Request

Submitting a research request informs your research team that there is a new for new insight on a topic or theme. 

To submit a research request: 

  1. Go to your research request
  2. Select one or more values from the country dropdown
  3. Choose one or more regions  
  4. Select one or more categories
  5. Enter a clear and descriptive explanation of the objective of the research
  6. Type in a summary for the research
  7. Select the Research Lead(s) who you want to work on the project from the dropdown
  8. Add additional requesters, if desired
  9. Click the Submit Request button in the top right corner of the screen

Your request will be submitted immediately, and you will receive a notification that the request has been successfully submitted. The Research Lead(s) you selected will receive an email about your request.  

Insider Tips: 

  • Research requests are only available on platforms that with the research management function and only if your company has requested the configuration
  • You can use rich text formatting when outlining your business objectives

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