How Your Target Audience Sees Reporting Channel Content

Reporting Channels allow you to curate key reporting data and deliver it to a target audience who can easily view the content in a centralized space 

For a user to view a Reporting Channel, they should: 

  1. Find their Reports navigation 

They will see their My Reports area and a list of all available Reporting Channels. 

  1. Click on the title of the Reporting Channel 

The Reporting Channel view will open to a view where they can see the content in a visual format that is easy to read.  

They will also be able to save, share, and subscribe to the channel.  

Insider Tip: 

  • Be sure to keep Reporting Channels up to date to encourage your user community to visit them frequently 
  • Reporting Channels are only available on platforms where the Reporting module has been configured 


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