How to Submit a Project Proposal to a Client Partner

Submitting a project proposal to a client partner provides your partner with key details about how you will conduct the research they need to answer key business questions. 

>>> This article is for Suppliers.

This article is about actively managed research projects and studies.

To submit a project proposal: 

  1. Go to the project where you want to submit a proposal 
  2. Move to the Agency / Supplier tab 
  3. Scroll to the “Request or Upload Proposal” section 
  4. Click in the center of the gray drop zone 

A new window will open where you can select the proposal you want to upload. 

  1. Upload your proposal 
  2. Click on the “Submit” button 

Your proposal will be immediately submitted, and the requestor will receive a notification that the proposal has been submitted. You will receive another notification if you are commissioned or rejected for the project. 


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