What is My Feed?


My Feed is a personalized content stream based on your interests, views, likes, and shares. Starting from the first day you use your platform, you will see an evolving range of content that helps keep you up to date on the content most relevant to your work.

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You can find your My Feed in the feed labeled “Recommended” on your homepage.

As you interact with your platform and update your Profile preferences, My Feed will adapt to your interests and display related and relevant content. This AI-powered feed will also push content from your company like freshly published projects or key news stories and share recommendations that can help you to find new and interesting information about your favorite topics.

My Feed on Your Homepage

When interacting with your My Feed on your homepage, you can download, like, comment on, share, or save any content.



Your My Feed Page

Click on “Recommended” at the top of your My Feed to open your My Feed page. Opening your My Feed page lets you read even more tailored content, see content similar to what you have liked while using your platform, and informs you about updates to existing content you have followed.

You can also choose a layout that fits your reading preferences by clicking on the Tile Icon tile_icon.png to switch to the tile view or the List Icon List_icon.png  to switch to the list view.

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Save any content you want to view later by adding it to your Notebook by clicking to Three Dot Icon kc_three_dot_icon.png at the bottom of the content card, selecting “Add to” and selecting your Reading List, Favorites, or any Notebook Collection you have created.

Your My Feed page also provides a central space where you can open, like, unlike, or share any posts from your My Feed. You will also be able to update your subscription notifications for selected types of content.

The updates to your preference will be added to your My Feed after the next scheduled personalization runs.

Insider Tip:

  • You cannot save your entire My Feed to your Notebook as the feed's content is highly personalized and updates constantly.


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