What Are Quick Links?

Quick Links on your homepage are a curated list of links that take you directly to important and commonly used internal or external resources.  

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Your Quick Links will be in either list or tile format. The Quick Links you see might have an alternative label that aligns with your company’s internal language and branding. Look for links, brands, and language you and your team commonly use.

Quick Link Tiles 

If your platform’s Quick Links are set up as tiles, you will see an organized list of thumbnail images on the right side of your homepage. Up to four tiles will be visible. However, if you see “Show More” at the bottom of the list, there are more links available. Click on “Show More” to display them.




Quick Link Lists 

If your platform’s Quick Links are configured as links, you will see a list of items on the right side of your screen. Each item will have a > before the title.


Accessing and Using Your Quick Links 

Regardless of whether your company’s Quick Links are formatted in tile or list format, you only need to click the Quick Link to access the resource.  

As these links are considered important and relevant for your everyday work activities, you cannot hide or unsubscribe from Quick Links using your Feed Selector on your homepage.

When accessing external links, you might be prompted to enter login information if your company does not have SSO configured. If you have an issue logging into an external resource, please reach out to your internal IT team or the help center for that resource.



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