How to Navigate the Homepage

Your homepage is a responsive, personalized, and content-rich space that highlights content related to your personal interests and provides your company with a location to share important updates, relevant insights, and encourage knowledge sharing.

The layout and content of your homepage and platform is unique to your company. It was collaboratively designed by your organization’s internal Market Logic contact, your management, and the Market Logic implementation team to create an environment where you can find the insights you are seeking, collaborate with colleagues, and save and reuse content that is helpful to your work.

Despite individualized structures, naming conventions, and content, there are common structures:

Intelligent Home with an Announcements Carousel 


Intelligent Home with Spotlight Announcements 



Intelligent Home without Announcements 



Depending on your company’s preferences, you will see some or all the following features on your homepage:

My Feed 

A personalized feed of content based on your interests, views, likes, and shares. You will see an evolving range of content that helps keep you up to date on the content most relevant to your work.

Focus Feeds 

Feeds that contain a specific type of content like news or research projects. The topics (brand, category, etc.) of your feed(s) can be focused using filters in your Profile.

Some of the common types of Focus Feeds include:

  • Strategic Knowledge: content from Knowledge Zones/Topic Pages
  • Latest Research: content from research projects
  • My News: content from news sources

Quick Links 

A curated list of links that direct you to internal and/or external resources like Tableau or Ipsos. These might be in list or thumbnail format.

To edit the content on your homepage, use your Feed Selector kc_select content.png which can be found in the top right corner of your screen.

From your Feed Selector, use the toggles to select which feeds you want to see.  



If a toggle is gray and you cannot move it, it means your company has decided the content from this feed is important so you cannot turn it off.  

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