How to Use the Q&A Format in a Knowledge Zone

The Q&A Layout in a Knowledge Zone allows you to collect questions and feedback from your target audience and respond within the section.

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To create a Knowledge Zone section using the Q&A Layout: 

  1. Open a new or existing Knowledge Zone
  2. Create a new section or scroll to a section that you want to use the Q&A format
  3. Click on the Gear Icon in the top right corner of the section
  4. Select “Flow” from the “Choose Layout” section

The layout of the section will be immediately updated and become available to your target audience as soon as you publish the Knowledge Zone.

You and your team will be notified via email and receive an in-system notification when someone leaves a comment or question.


To reply to a question or comment posted in the Q&A layout: 

  1. Open the Knowledge Zone where you want to answer a question
  2. Go to the Q&A section using the navigation at the top of the Knowledge Zone
  3. Scroll to the comment
  4. Click in the text field directly under the comment
  5. Type in your reply
  6. Click the Send Icon kc_send_icon.JPG to the right of the comment field

Your response will be immediately published, and the requester will receive a notification that you have responded to their question.




Insider Tips: 

  • Edit or delete a comment by clicking on the Three Dot Icon and selecting “Delete”
  • Since commenters are alerted after each post, Q&A sections can be used like a comments thread to encourage users to post questions and replies and enable active discussions
  • All comments display the name, profile picture, role, and time posted

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