How to Set Up Personal News Feeds in My News

My News Feeds are personal newspapers that deliver engaging content and top news stories right on your platform. When you create a My News Feed, you can mix and match the topics and themes most relevant to your work.

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To create and personalize your My News feeds:

  1. Navigate to My News image-0.png lcon

You have two options to create a Feed:

Option 1

a. Click the Add Feed button in the middle of your screen


Option 2 – applicable if you previously created a Feed

a. Click the Plus Sign Icon image-2.png on the top-right hand corner of the Deliver News screen
b. Select Add Feed from the dropdown



  1. Once the Add Feed window opens, enter a topic (i.e., keyword(s)) for your Feed like Coffee Drinkers or Vegan Trends
  2. Provide a short, interesting, and relevant description for your Feed
  3. Click on the Next button in the top right-hand of the Add Feed window
  4. In the next window view, you can customize your Feed using filters
    a. The Feed History filter on the left-hand side of the Add Feed window lets you decide the time period for the            content – anywhere from the last 7 days to the last 6 months
    b. The Feed Content filter lets you select which type of content you want to include in your Feed –  anything from         news articles to projects to internal documents to content promoted by experts at your company
    c. You can also decide to sort your results by Date or Relevance using the Sort by dropdown on the left-hand side         of the Add Feed window
  5. Once you are happy with the filter setup, click on the Next button at the top right-hand corner of the Add Feed window
  6. Review your results
  7. If you are not satisfied with your results, you have two options to review and improve the content

Option 1

a. Click on the back arrow in the top left-hand corner of the Add Feed window and repeat steps 3-8

Option 2

a. Click on the Try AI button to use AI to automatically curate your Feed content
b. You will be prompted to select at least 10 posts that meet your Feed criteria by clicking on the white circle on the      bottom right-hand side of the news post card
           - Your selections are used to “train” the system about the posts you find most relevant
c. In the next screen, you can compare the results from your search-based Feed definition and the results from the        AI-based Feed definition
d. Choose which option has the best results and click the blue Done button above the Feed of your choice to                  activate the Feed

  1. Once you create your Feed, you will be automatically directed to your My News tab where you can view your Feed, add another new Feed, create a new My News tab, or rename your news tab

News_How to Set up Personal News Feeds in My News.gif

Insider Tips

  • A thumbnail image for your Feed will be automatically created for you
  • Try AI is only available if there is a minimum of 10 search results available









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