How to Promote Content in an Expert Channel

Promoting content in an Expert Channel alerts your user community about the content most important to their work. 

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

To promote a post in an Expert Channel: 

  1. Go to your Announce on Home Inbox
  2. Navigate to the Expert Channel tab
  3. Select the Expert Channel where you want to edit the content
  4. A list of all the posts in the channel will open  
  5. Click on the Bullhorn Icon to the right of the selected post
  6. Select one or more users, a specific group, or your entire user community who should receive the notification
  7. Add a message to personalize your post
  8. Your post will be automatically promoted in your Expert Channel and the selected users will receive a notification

Insider Tips: 

  • Only internal experts with special platform permissions can contribute to Expert Channels
  • Removing a post will delete it from your system and it will not be retrievable – be 100% sure your post is no longer needed
  • Up to ten articles will be visible in the Expert Channel on the homepage – any additional articles can be viewed by clicking on “More” at the bottom of the channel  
  • Users can hide Expert Channels using their feed selector on the homepage


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