How to Use the Distribute Reports Inbox

The Distribute Reports Inbox is a convenient location where you can access and manage your Reports, Reporting Channels, and Reporting Widgets. 

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

Your Distribute Reports Inbox will have three tabs.

Tab 1: Reports 

Use the Reports tab to create and edit Report Containers. Report Containers house Report Waves.

Tab 2: Reporting Channels 

Use the Reporting Channel tab to create Reporting Channels. Reporting Channels host embedded widgets like Tableau boards.

Tab 3: Reporting Widgets 

Use the Reporting Widget tab to add Reporting Channels to the final product that your target audience will see. You can add and curate different Reporting Channels to help your target audience gain a holistic understanding of key reporting data.

Click on the Plus Sign Icon  in any tab to add new content. Once you have created at least one entry in a tab, you can click on it to add content or make edits.

Each tab will have the main tab, a Settings tab, and a Team tab.

Each tab also allows you to search, toggle, and create features so you can quickly and easily find the content relevant to your work.

  • Click on the Search Icon to search your inbox
  • Click on the Gear Icon to edit the columns visible in the inbox

Insider Tips: 

  • Delete any entry by clicking on the Three Dot Icon to the left of the name of the entry in your inbox
  • Only internal experts have system permission to access the Distribute Reports Inbox



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