How to Use the Announce on Home Inbox

The Announce on Home Inbox is a convenient location where you can access and manage your Expert News Posts, Expert Channels, and Quick Links. 

>>> This article is for Researchers and Insights Experts.

To access and navigate your Announce on Home Inbox: 

  1. Navigate to the Activities section of your platform
  2. Select Announce on Home which will take you to your Announce on Home Inbox
  3. Your Announce on Home Inbox will have three tabs
    a. Announcements: houses Announcement Channels and Expert News posts
    b. Expert Channels: contains Expert Channels
    c. Quick Links: hosts the list of Quick Link entries
  4. Navigate to the different tabs to create, edit, and administrate the different Announce on Home features
  5. Use the search, toggle, and create features to quickly and easily find the content relevant for your work
    a. Use the Plus Sign Icon to create new content  
    b. Click on the Search Icon to search your inbox
    c. Click on the Gear Icon to edit the columns visible in the inbox



Insider Tips: 

  • Delete any entry by clicking on the Three Dot Icon
  •  to the right of the name of the entry in your inbox
  • You can create an Expert News Post from the Spotlight or Expert Channel tabs
  • Only internal experts have system permission to access the Announce on Home Inbox


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